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The Proposal

The proposal is to link our communities with a network of four new conventional transit routes operated by our existing municipal urban transit providers (Brantford Transit, Grand River Transit, and Guelph Transit) as soon as possible; with additional service changes to the rural transit services Brant Transit, Wellington RideWell, Ride Norfolk, PC Connect, and GOST to create a highly integrated network of rural and urban transit services and linking the Watershed.

With close to 1 million people expected to live in Watershed Region by 2030, it is critical that we work together to make travel in the area on local transit, be it by this proposal or a modified version, easier for everyone.

The Benefits of Linking the Watershed

  • Meet Climate Goals: One bus can take up to 40 cars off the road.
  • More Accessibility: Giving more people in our communities the opportunity to live in one city and work or go to school in another.
  • Economic Growth: Local transit between communities will increase tourism allowing more people to attend events, and help local businesses gain new customers.
  • According to CUTA/APTA, every $1 invested in local transit has an economic spin-off of between $3 and $5.
  • Increase Job Opportunities: With local transit between cities and towns, companies can now fill much-needed positions sooner from a larger pool of people.
  • Educating the future: Connecting students to the school of their choice without the need to move from home or drive a vehicle they can ill afford saves everyone time, money, and the environment.
  • Housing: Help alleviate the housing crisis by allowing someone to live in one city and work in another without the need for a vehicle.

Where in Ontario Inter-Regional/Community Public Transit is happening RIGHT NOW

There are several examples within Ontario where inter-community transit is happening right now. Durham Region Transit and Niagara Region Transit are two great examples. There are also inter-community transit connections between cities within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) such as Hamilton to Burlington, Burlington to Oakville, Mississauga to Brampton, Mississauga. and Brampton to Toronto, and many more.

Read our Inter-Regional/Inter-Community Transit Report here to learn where this is happening right now in Ontario.

What needs to happen next

The Watershed municipalities, regions, and counties should immediately form an Inter-municipal Transit Working Group to discuss ways to better link the watershed cities and towns with local transit. Using this proposal as a starting point, it is time to break down the silos between communities, work together and create a plan that makes traveling in the Watershed more accessible, convenient, and affordable for everyone.

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Download the Documents

All the documents can be found here

*Estimated costs of the service.

*Estimated travel and running times for the routes.

*List of proposed changes to rural transit services.

*Proposed stop locations and connections.

What people are saying

“Although I am not a primary user of Public Transportation I think this would be a great idea. I’d be able to go between Guelph and KW for the occasional Concert, Hockey Game, etc. and not have to worry about driving.”

Paul W.

“… It has boggled my mind since moving to Cambridge in 2017 that I can’t take a bus to visit my family in Brantford. This is so exciting and I’m thankful for your vision!…”

Marlee W.

“….Thanks for this initiative…. This is so needed!”

Joan A.

“This is a very positive, progressive initiative and deserves full support from all communities and all levels of government. The social welfare potentials are huge, allowing those without income and other opportunities all sorts of expanded horizons. At the moment, they are essentially “shut in”. The environmental benefits are very significant in terms of decarbonizing our daily lives and contributing to retrieving our planetary health. The consumer choice opportunities and the expanding markets for all sorts of local and regional businesses are there. Thinking regionally, and acting collaboratively provides all sorts of promise.”

David D.

Media Coverage

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Unions, Transit advocates call for bus links between Guelph, Waterloo, Brantford
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Land Acknowledgment

We acknowledge that the Grand River watershed is the traditional territory of the Anishnawbe, Haudenosaunee, and Neutral peoples. For more information, visit


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